February 21, 2012

Like the first time

On Me (Kami):
HAIR: Dura Hair 06 (chestnut) – NEW!
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
SHIRT: Maitreya Boyfriend Shirt (white)
BAG: Tea Time Old Bag 500 Stuff in Stock – NEW!
LEGGING: Ison Leather Leggings (black)
SHOES:  Gok  Mesh Clark Boots (espresso) – NEW!

On Xandiin:
HAIR: Ego Tak (Noir)
Hood: Pumpkin Riding Hood (black)
Shirt: Pumpkin Unbuttoned Cardigan (black)
Jeans: Nsd Homme Jeans (light gray)
Shoes: Ubu Porn Star Lo Tops

February 20, 2012

You touch my heart baby…

On Right:

HAIR: Dura Boys&Girls 30 (dark brown) – NEW!
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
EARRING: Simplicite Gold Ultra Spiked Hoops – RECENT!
BAG: Simplicite Essentials Clutch (black) – RECENT!
DRESS: Paperbag Strappy Dress – NEW!
SHOES: Elikatira Move Pumps (clover)

On Left:

HAIR: Elikatira Over Carrot Reds
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
JACKET: Aoharu Short Riders Jacket
DRESS: Cest la vie Leopard Dress – NEW!
TIGHTS: Sheer Tights Torn Semi Opaque
SHOES: Drd Loose Boots
February 19, 2012

Seduction is your art

HAIR: Magari Alyssa (persimmon) – RECENT!
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
BODY: Maitreya Bodysuit (black)
SKIRT: Paperbag Sunset (purple) – NEW!
BAG: Duh Little Black Clutch
SHOES: Ricielli Carmelia Pumps (crema)

February 16, 2012

End of time

HAIR: Truth Gianna (marmalade)

SKIN: Pink Fuel Elly Sugar (pure)

SHIRT: Airhare Vintage 90s Louis Vuitton Pink Crewneck (pink) – NEW!

NECKLACE: Simplicite Gold Beaded Crowned Bear – NEW!

BANGLES: Simplicite  Gold Squared Off Bangles – NEW!

RING: Simplicite  Gold Spiked Cross Ring – NEW!

TATTOO: Public Enemy Shuriken Hand Tattoo – NEW!

BAG: Gok Pearl Drop Clutch Bag (nude) – NEW!

PANTS: Linc Tyra Jeans Skinny

SHOES: Simplicite  Defiance Boots Black Wood (brown leather) – NEW!